Mission and Values


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    Our Mission

    Since forming in 2004, Mosaic has grown to be a global leader in phosphates and potash crop nutrition. We are proud to be a competitive low-cost producer with strong customer relationships, and the financial strength to invest in growth and innovation. And we’ve led the industry in developing high-quality?performance products that help growers succeed. None of Mosaic’s success would be possible without our greatest asset—our people.

    Each employee at Mosaic adheres to the same companywide principles and priorities, and contributes to our company strategy: to win in our core businesses of phosphates, potash and international distribution, and to grow in new ways.

    Our Principles

    We are responsible, innovative, collaborative and driven.

    We are accountable for the safety and wellbeing of our colleagues and our company. We act with integrity and conviction. We are careful stewards of natural resources. We foster innovation and encourage ideas that make us better. We collaborate across departments and geographies to accelerate our performance. We strive to achieve excellence knowing that we can always improve.

    Together, we are driven to succeed.


    Our Priorities

    • Develop, engage and empower our people
      Work together to build a culture based on our guiding principles, where people are proud to work and grow.
    • Grow?and strengthen our business
      Maximize efficiency, accelerate growth, and deliver exceptional products and services for our customers – safely and sustainably.
    • Create value for our stakeholders
      Be transparent, operate responsibly, build trusted relationships and help our stakeholders thrive.

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