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    Sustainability at Mosaic

    For Mosaic, helping the world grow the food it needs is more than our mission. It’s a call to action that inspires us to do our work sustainably. We’re committed to making smart choices about our stewardship of the environment, how we engage our people and the way we manage our resources.

    Sustainable Intensification: Growing More Food, Responsibly

    The quest for global food security is complex: rapid world population growth, the expanding middle class and the energy crisis all contribute to that complexity. It’s clear that agricultural production must increase—but it must do so sustainably.

    Fertilizers are responsible for producing 40 to 60 percent of all crop yields. With vast swaths of nutrient-deficient land throughout the world, crop nutrients are fundamental to producing enough nutritious food, fiber and fuel to sustain human life.

    We work with our customers to promote the principles of balanced crop nutrition and the 4Rs Nutrient Stewardship Framework: applying the Right source of fertilizer at the Right rate, Right time and Right place.

    Mosaic’s Sustainability Progress

    Mosaic’s employees are empowered by leaders to participate in, and drive, our sustainability progress. Their passion and expertise stimulate innovation and efficiencies throughout the company.

    Our progress is also positively impacted by our commitment to open stakeholder engagement. With consistent and open dialogue, we develop mutual trust and respect—as well as a more thorough understanding of the issues most important to stakeholders.

    Mosaic’s sustainability journey is far from over. Our culture of continuous improvement moves us forward as we work toward increased transparency and accountability.


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