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    Our Expertise

    At Mosaic, we don’t stop adding value when we ship our crop nutrients. Our agronomists work closely with our customers to help farmers maximize their yields. Together, we work to achieve balanced crop nutrition on every acre-we want farmers to apply the right crop nutrients at the right time, at the right rate and in the right place.

    We also seek to provide the agriculture marketplace with ever-improving products. Our innovation is a key differentiator for Mosaic-and it’s a key to helping the world grow the food it needs.

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    November 08, 2019 | Community News

    Helping U.S. Veterans Transition to Civilian Life
    The story of an employee who wants to make a difference...Read Full Article

    December 13, 2018 | Products and Services News

    Mosaic China Launches New Facility
    The Mosaic Yantai plant completed relocation in November. The new facility has a number of exciting features and capabilities...Read Full Article

    December 07, 2018 | Community News

    Mosaic Saskatchewan Employees Choose $5,000 Grant Recipients
    Don’t miss the video capturing some of the $5,000 grants given to employee-voted nonprofits...Read Full Article

    November 13, 2018 | Products and Services News

    Spotlight on: K-Mag®
    In 2019, we will be celebrating K-Mag’s 80th birthday, a testament to the value of the product that stands the tests of time...Read Full Article

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