Customer and Supply Chain Resources


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    Customer and Supply Chain Resources


    Customer Resources

    With our steadfast commitment to excellence and innovation, Mosaic’s customers come first. From collaborations on marketing campaigns to structured educational approaches, our customer partnerships exceed the transactional nature of many business relationships. We strive to preserve the trust that our customers place in our crop nutrition products and our company.

    MosaicOnline, a website solution designed to serve our customers, provides a convenient and secure way to access Mosaic account information and order products. If you need more information or assistance about MosaicOnline, please contact your designated account manager or customer service contact.

    Supply Chain Resources

    Crop nutrition products are distributed to customers through Mosaic’s supply chain. Our supply chain system includes managing inventory, negotiating contracts, arranging transportation, managing logistics, optimizing our extensive warehouse network, guiding forecasting, and implementing performance management processes. Mosaic has earned the reputation as a proactive and reliable supplier – from mine to market we keep our promises.

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    Performance Products

    Global Presence Map

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