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    Our mission is to help the world grow the food it needs. For us this is both a business and social mission. To feed a growing global population, food production will have to double by 2050, a daunting challenge considering that today, one billion people go to bed hungry each night. We seek to address these issues by concentrating on the following funding areas:

    • Hunger, food insecurity and food system development in local communities where we have facilities and offices
    • Global agricultural development programs focused on smallholder farmers in developing nations where we have key stakeholders
    • Agricultural research, education and extension programs, primarily focused on balanced crop nutrition and increasing the capacity of farmers to grow more food sustainably


    Water is the greatest limiting factor to growing more food. By 2030, it is estimated that the world will experience a 30 percent shortfall in freshwater supply at current consumption rates.

    We seek to address water conservation by concentrating on the following funding areas:

    • Habitat Conservation: conserving resources and encouraging stewardship of the environment, including biodiversity and habitat protection where we have facilities and offices
    • Nutrient stewardship and ecosystem management programs that promote sustainable agriculture and best-management practices in key watersheds where we have facilities and offices or sales and customer relationships
    • Watershed restoration in regions where we have facilities and offices

    Local Community

    Our local communities are our homes and we have a vested interest in their sustainability. We understand that for Mosaic to prosper, our communities must also. Mosaic strives to make investments that will protect and enhance the long term quality of life in our communities for our neighbors, our families and ourselves. We concentrate funding in the following areas:

    • Philanthropic or civic partnerships that enrich the long-term strength of communities in which Mosaic has offices and operations
    • Organizations in which our employees are donating their time, talent and expertise

    Please note that because of the open nature of this focus area, Mosaic receives a large number of requests annually - many more than we can fund in a given year.

    Disaster Relief

    While not one of our focus areas, Mosaic occasionally responds to global disasters that impact our employees or customers. These gifts support emergency response and are not eligible for the formal application process.

    In-kind Donations

    Mosaic has already selected its product donation partners for the year. For future consideration, please submit a proposal in the focus area of food. 

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