Indigenous Outreach


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    Grant Funding Focus Areas

    1. Local Community

    Our local communities are our homes. We understand that for Mosaic to prosper, our communities must also. To support our communities, we fund the following:

    1. Partnerships that enrich the long-term strength of communities where we have facilities and offices

    2. Food

    Mosaic’s mission is to help the world grow the food it needs. To help feed a growing global population and address widespread hunger, we fund the following:

    1. Hunger, food insecurity and food system development in local communities where we have facilities and offices
    2. Agricultural research, education and extension programs, primarily focused on balanced crop nutrition and increasing the  capacity for farmers to grow more food sustainably

    3. Water

    Water is the greatest limiting factor to growing more food. To help support water conservation, we fund the following:

    1. Habitat conservation: conserving resources and encouraging stewardship of the environment including biodiversity and habitat protection where we have facilities and offices
    2. Nutrient stewardship and ecosystem management programs: promoting sustainable agriculture and best-management practices in key watersheds where we have facilities and offices
    3. Watershed restoration: funding in regions where we have facilities and offices

    Grant Eligibility

    Eligible for Funding

    • Applicants must be a charitable organization with the Canadian Revenue Agency, or an equivalent institutional registration
    • Applicants must be located in geographic areas surrounding Mosaic locations and offices.
    • We prefer that requests not exceed 10% of an organization’s annual operating budget and 50% of the program’s annual budget.

    Not Eligible for Funding

    • Individuals or private fundraisers supporting an individual or family
    • Granting organizations
    • Political or private membership organizations, unless the organization conducts charitable work for the purpose of supporting the entire community
    • Faith-based organizations, unless the organization conducts charitable work for the purpose of supporting the entire community
    • Public policy, grassroots organizing, advocacy and electoral campaigns
    • Endowment campaigns


    Projects Funded

    Here are some examples of projects and initiatives that Mosaic supports:

    Mining Industry Pre-Employment Program (MIPP)
    Mosaic has a longstanding commitment to the Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technologies (SIIT) on an annual baisi to support the MIPP Program that offers students foundational mining knowledge and hands-on experience at our sites to prepare them for future mining employment opportunities

    Ochapowace First Nation
    Provided $20,000 toward the construction of a new children's splash park as well as $5,000 for Christmas dinners and hampers for nation members

    Kahkewistahaw First Nation
    Provided $17,000 for fuel costs toward the Peacekeepers and Charter Bus vehicles initiatives on the nation

    Keeseekoose First Nation
    Provided $50,000 for the purchase of a   charter bus used to fill a variety of needs in the community,including transportation for children’s and elders’ educational, recreational and other events

    Ochapowace and Cowessess First Nations – Breakfast for Learning
    Fully funded breakfast and lunch programs through nutritional grants that support several hundred students for the entire school year.

    Pheasant Rump First Nation
    Provided $60,000 toward the Nakota language preservation and education project, an important cultural initiative for the community.

    Regina & District Food Bank, Regina Education and Action on Child Hunger (REACH), Chili 4 Children, Hunger in Moose Jaw, and Moose Jaw & District Food Bank
    Provide funding to support emergency food services and capacity building programs.  All organizations serve urban populations in need.


    Working at Mosaic

    We believe in growing our business by growing our people. We will ensure at least 15% of new hires are Indigenous candidates by 2025.

    Our company culture embodies the smart and results-driven energy of our workforce. From our mines and ports to our local communities, we collaborate across the organization, see ideas through to completion, and make meaningful contributions. Our work is challenging and rewarding.

    Our Priorities

    Work together to build a culture based on our guiding principles, where people are proud to work and grow.

    Maximize efficiency, accelerate growth, and deliver exceptional products and services for our customers – safely and sustainably.

    Be transparent, operate responsibly, build trusted relationships and help our stakeholders thrive.



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